Energy consultancy

We help reduce your energetic consumption and economize your energy bills by analyzing your case in a personal manner.


Optimizing the contracted power
Time discrimination
Price of electricity
Choosing a rate in accordance with your consumption needs



Reactive compensation with capacitor batteries
Lighting with efficient Leds
Photovoltaic kits for self-consumption
Green mobility



Energy monitoring and management
Contract optimization
Demand management
Consumption reduction


Energy certification

The energy certification is a document that includes objective information on the energetic characteristics of a building or part of a building (house, apartment, commercial premise, chalet). With the energy certification one can know the energetic behaviour of a property and how to improve it in order for it consume less energy and, therefore, reduce the cost of the energy bills.

Carbon footprint calculation

What is it?

The Carbon Footprint is an indicator that quantifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are directly or indirectly attributable to a process, a product, an organization, or a service.

What does it tell us?

How much Climate Change affects a product, service or organization. It is a tool that helps consumers be aware of which companies, products and services are less polluting.

Is climate change real?

Is is scientifically proven that YES, it is real, and it is caused by the use of fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere, provoking global warming. That is why all of us, both citizens and organizations, can contribute to mitigate climate change by reducing the GHG emissions of our activities.


To obtain economic savings by identifying your opportunities to reduce GHG emissions, to benefit the imge of Corporate Social Responsibility, to obtain fiscal and public procurement advantages.

How do I certify it?

We help you calculate the CARBON FOOTPRINT of your organization and thus know the environmental impact of your activity. We also design your organization's plan to reduce emissions. Publishing your Carbon Footprint and your plan to reduce emissions is the first step an organization must take to commit to reducing Climate Change. There is a CARBON FOOTPRINT REGISTER, a public, voluntary and free administrative register created by the Spanish Office for Climate Change of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment. Once you have calculated your Carbon Footprint and created a plan to reduce emissions, we help you complete the procedure to register in the Spanish Office for Climate Change in order to obtain your seal.

The seal

The Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC) has created an official seal for organizations that register.This official seal indicates the year to which it refers and indicates which of the three following stages the organization has reached:
I calculate: The organization makes its carbon footprint public and its plan to reduce emissions public.
I reduce: The organization has proved that it has reduced its Carbon Footprint.
I compensate: The organization has compensated its Carbon Footprint in carbon sequestration projects registered in the OECC.

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