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We are a company that specializes in energetic efficiency and renewable energies, the team is composed of specialist technicians and experts in energy management. We work with a network of highly trustworthy installers and with the very best brands on the market.

Today, more than ever, we are living in a world with finite resources, an overexploited planet the survival and well-being of which require certain awareness of the amount of resources we consume.

Today, more than ever, we need to rethink, readjust and aim for a more responsible energetic consumption, one that is better suited to our needs and to a reduced spending.

Today, more than ever, efficiency is not only an attitude, but a need. Because small changes in the way we consume energy can make a great difference.

Welcome to Efiwatt, responsible energy consumption

Aina Calafat Garau
CEO & Certified Energy Manager


Our MISSION is to create value in a sustainable manner for our clients throughout the duration of our activities, helping to find comprehensive, innovative and efficient energy saving solutions, offering quality services and products by using local environmentally friendly energy sources.


Our vision is to contribute to a better future by bringing energetic efficiency and renewable energies nearer on a local level to the people who inhabit and visit the Balearic Islands and develop the local energetic potential.


Honesty and transparency
Creativity and capacity for change

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Energy consultancy

We help you save money on your energy bills by optimizing your contract, managing the demand and reducing the overall consumption with energetic efficiency and monitoring measures.

Iberdrola light and gas

We are Iberdrola's Official Partner in Mallorca, offering you the best rates and services of a great company.


We distribute and manage all types of biomass (pellets, firewood, woodchip, husks) for domestic or industrial use.

Efficient Heating

We offer comprehensive efficient heating solutions thanks to the very best brands and installers.

En EFIWATT hemos adquirido un firme compromiso con la responsabilidad corporativa y concretamente con las políticas relativas al cumplimiento ético y penal. Si usted tiene conocimiento de algún hecho susceptible de merecer reproche legal le rogamos lo ponga en conocimiento de nuestro oficial de cumplimiento para poder adoptar las medidas legales oportunas y de esta forma cumplir con nuestro compromiso adquirido mediante nuestro programa de cumplimiento normativo.

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